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Talisman – Kingdom Hearts

More then two years ago, this is where it all started for us. Our first board game was Talisman. So having not one but two other Talismans now laying in front of us, is bringing back happy memories. This review will be about Talisman Kingdom hearts, but we also have Talisman Harry Potter waiting for…

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Cuphead: Fast Rolling Dice Game

About a year ago, we had made one of the biggest mistakes in our relationship yet. We wanted to try Cuphead on the Nintendo Switch. We saw it was a cooperative game and it looked old style cute, so we figured why not. We died fighting the first boss, I think more then ten times…

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Chronicles of Avel

In my experience almost all things that start with ‘chronicles’ end up being a good experience. Think about Chronicles of Narnia, the Chronicles of Crime series or the Chronicles of Riddick to show only a couple of examples. Looking at the box of the Chronicles of Avel, this game looks like it could have potential.…

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